Capture Referral Request an entity of type: FeatureClassified

Enable the receipt and processing of referrals from care providers or healthcare organizations, including clinical and administrative details of the referral, and consents and authorizations for disclosures as required. @en
Incoming referrals may be from physicians' offices, specialists, clinics, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), transfers from other hospitals or emergency departments, nursing homes, etc. Referrals may be received electronically (i.e. e-Referrals); or may be received non-electronically. If non-electronic, the system needs to allow the user to capture the referral information and manage referral request. If the system supports e-Referrals, then the system will also need to support additional functionality to manage the receipt of the referral request. When a system receives a referral request the request must be validated against established criteria to determine if it meets the recipient’s requirements and is appropriate. Referrals may be received for patients who do not previously exist in the recipient system and the system must allow for the ability to triage the request and respond to the requestor. If appropriate the system should allow for the creation of a patient record including the capture of clinical and administrative information received with the referral request. The management of information on patients who are inbound to the care setting is an important component of information management. Data must be easily accessible, centrally retrievable, updatable, transportable and reusable. Clinical data from provider to provider is essential to quality-coordinated care for patients referred to the care setting. Knowledge of patients who are expected to arrive helps both care setting and administrative staff plan resource use in real time. @en

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