Clinical Task Linking an entity of type: FeatureClassified

Linkage of tasks to EHR components, patients, and/or a relevant part of the electronic health record. @en
Clinical tasks must include information or provide an electronic link to information that is required to complete the task. There is a need to create the appropriate links and, then, to have the system automatically present the information that was linked. For example, this may include a patient location in a facility, a patient’s, and/or family's contact information, or a link to new laboratory results in the patient’s EHR. Other example: the linkage of prescription task to the appropriate patient care plan to facilitate follow-up actions; a task to take weights links to the ‘Weights and Vitals’ screen to record the result; a task to complete a fall assessment links to the fall assessment form to be completed. An example of a well defined task is "Dr. Jones must review Mr. Smith's blood work results." Efficient workflow is facilitated by navigating to the appropriate area of the record to ensure that the appropriate test result for the correct patient is reviewed. @en

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