Extract Record Entry Content

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Extract Record Entry content to produce subsets, derivations, summaries or aggregations (Multiple instances) @en
Occurs when Record Entry content is extracted to render subsets, derivations, summaries or aggregations. - Extraction of Record Entry content may be initiated by User command, and/or rules-based algorithm. - Extraction of Record Entry content is the responsibility of the System – which invokes relevant rules. - An Audit Trigger is initiated to track Record Entry content extraction. Reference: ISO 21089, Section 12.7. An EHR-S enables an authorized user, such as a clinician, to access and aggregate the distributed information, which corresponds to the health record or records that are needed for viewing, reporting, disclosure, etc. An EHR-S must support data extraction operations across the complete data set that constitutes the health record of an individual and provide an output that fully chronicles the healthcare process. Data extractions are used as input to patient care coordination between facilities, organizations and settings. In addition, data extractions can be used for administrative, financial, research, quality analysis, public health purposes, and to enable re-creation of copies for importing into different EHR applications and enable the archiving of patients' data. Data may be extracted in order to meet analysis and reporting requirements. The extracted data may require use of more than one application and it may be pre-processed (for example, by being de-identified) before transmission. Data extractions may be used to exchange data and provide reports for primary and ancillary purposes. @en

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