Manage Allergy, Intolerance and Adverse Reaction List an entity of type: FeatureClassified

Manage patient-specific allergy, intolerance and adverse reaction lists. @en
Allergens to substances, (including immunizations), are identified and the list of allergies is captured and maintained over time. Information regarding allergies may be coded or free text; coded information is preferred (where possible). In this function the term "allergy" is used to refer to allergies, intolerances, adverse reactions and sensitivities. All pertinent dates, including patient-reported events, are stored and the description of the patient allergy and adverse reaction is modifiable over time. The entire allergy history, including reaction, for any allergen is viewable. The list(s) includes all reactions including those that are classifiable as a true allergy, intolerance, side effect or other adverse reaction to drug, food or environmental triggers. Notations indicating whether item is patient reported, and/or provider verified are maintained. The term 'true allergy' is defined by the US National Library of Medicine as: an allergy that is caused by a series of chemical steps in the body that produce the allergic reaction. The allergy information that should be captured may vary according to scope of practice, organizational policy, and/or jurisdictional law. For example, the documentation requirements regarding an allergic reaction to a substance that is reportable may require a higher level of data capture. @en

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