Manage Patient's Location Within Facility an entity of type: FeatureClassified

Provide the patient's location information within a facility's premises. @en
It is important to maintain, and/or provide access to information regarding the patient's location within a facility during an episode of care. This information can be as simple as the identification of the patient's bed assignment (e.g., John Doe1, Bed 3, Ward 2). It is also important to provide real-time information regarding the patient's location since they may receive ancillary services in multiple parts of the facility (e.g., in the physical therapy or diagnostic imaging departments). Note: The patient's location within a facility may also be revealed by viewing standard reports (such as an Emergency Department Log). The system should support viewing a patient's specific location in terms that may include campus, building, wing, unit, room, and/or bed. The system should support jurisdictional laws related to the patient's ability (or desire) to consent to disclose their location within a facility (e.g., it may be unlawful to require a minor child to sign a consent form regarding their location in a facility). The patient's location information within the facility should also be available even before the patient is ascribed to a specific provider within that facility. As such, the system may need to provide a query feature regarding the patient's location information. The system may also support the identification of the patient by alternate identifying names (e.g., John Doe1 or "J. Doe1"). For example, the patient's physical therapist may be permitted to view an elderly patient's location within a long term care facility, but the patient's pharmacist may be restricted from viewing that information. @en

inverse relations

↪ Provide relatives with information on the location of a patient